How To Stay Motivated This Fall

As summer comes to a close and the lackadaisical days start to fade away and we transition to the busier days of fall, our health oftentimes is the first thing to suffer.

Whether it is less time for workouts, a lack of motivation due to the cooler weather and earlier sunsets, a hectic work schedule, the slowly closing farmer’s markets, fall flu season, or justabout anything you may use as an excuse to avoid the treadmill and eat that extra helping…this is the time to learn how to be prepared and stay motivated!

Even the most religiously fit and nutritious individuals can suffer some setbacks at this time, but these tips can help keep you in the summer spirits:

1. Download new music for your workouts
2. Try a new class at the gym-usually the schedules change and the class load increases for Fall
3. Check out:  epicurious for new, fall-inspired nutritious recipes by searching through their “healthy eating” section
4. Take advantage of the lowering temperatures and workout outside-nothing like a brisk walk or jog in the less humid fall air!
5. Start a food journal to ensure you are staying on the right track (email me for a template:!)
6. Hire a trainer for a month to teach you a progression workout to get you through to the New Year
7. Read Ashley’s Blog for recipes, workout tips, nutrition guidance, and her upcoming wellness awareness adventure.