Sunday is Yours!

As I begin my journey to discover the various aspects of wellness, I think about my favorite day of the week, when I feel the most “well.” 


On Sundays, I feel so happy and balanced. This is absolutely because it is my least stressful day of the week; the day of the week that I own and my time is not dictated by a calendar, a boss, or anyone. Sundays are mine.  What an incredible concept!



Sunday I do not rely on an alarm to get me out of bed. There is no cacophonous Blackberry tone ringing in my ears, disturbing my dreams, and waking my spouse and pup. Just the alarm in my head-au natural.  Despite being awake, I don’t jump up and rush to get my morning started-that is not relaxing. Once I decide I am done with snuggle time; possibly after I give a good belly rub to our Bichon, Arthur, or watch a snippet of the news, or have a morning discussion with the hubby, I leisurely stroll to the kitchen to feed the pup and possibly concoct a breakfast for the humans in the house as well.


Once I am fed, it is time to walk the dog and grab a Starbucks! We do not have many mornings together, so my husband and I make a point of walking the dog as a couple on the weekends and he grabs me a Starbucks on our walk, which is a bit of a tradition. I like this time together-it feeds into my happiness of having a day to connect with my family without any other stresses.

And that’s it…all the motions I ever go through on a Sunday are getting myself out of bed and being with my family.  It is a luxury that many of us do not ensure we receive on a weekly basis, but that we all absolutely need.  



For the most part, throughout the week, we are getting up and are go, go, go from minute one. Having a day or two where you can wake and start your day at your leisure is important for your sanity. Even after work on the weekdays, I get home and need to make my lunch, do laundry, go to the grocery store, grab the dry cleaning, make dinner, clean the house, blah, blah, blah, within a two-hour time-frame. My workday, like most people’s, eats away at my day and then maintaining a home and family, although a wonderful responsibility, does take the rest of your day from you.  


Let Sunday be like a good night sleep-a time for your body & brain to recoup for the week to come and to allow yourself to enjoy life!  You need and deserve it!

WellnessAshley Pettit