What is the “Locavore” Movement?

I have set off on a deeper, but local exploration of the “locavore” movement.  Essentially, this is the idea of eating foods from within a 100 to 250-mile radius of your home.  This forces an individual to support the local farmer, to eat seasonally, as well as be more in tune with their natural surroundings. 

Being a locavore has many benefits.  You not only support the economy around you, but you eat things that do not need to be preserved for long- distance shipping-which decreases the need for so many additives, pesticides, and herbicides that are often used to an extreme at large-scale, commercial farms. 

Also, when buying locally you avoid other additives used to maintain the aesthetics of foods for shoppers. This includes injections, food sprays, wax-like coatings, and more that prevent bruising, browning, dull color, or food small in size. 
Stores and permanent Farmer’s Markets keep popping up that fully support this movement in Chicago, like: the Green Grocer on the west side or the Green City Market in Lincoln Park. 

Nutrition, WellnessAshley Pettit