WCIU You & Me This Morning: Cleaner Comfort Foods

 With my fave ladies from WCIU - all smiles, all the time! I love my You & Me Family!

With my fave ladies from WCIU - all smiles, all the time! I love my You & Me Family!

Comfort foods....such a focus with winter weather upon us and the warmth they bring us. However, they also tend to pack the fat + calories we are all trying to steer clear of after the holidays. I tackled some of the most popular comfort meals; making them healthier without sacrificing taste. Check out the link to the segment here + the recipes below as well as a deal for readers to receive membership to www.apliving.community for just $19.99/month! 

Benevolent BLT + Creamy Tomato Soup

So easy to make! I buy Pacific creamy tomato soup for an easy 1-cup, 100 calorie soup to warm me up + serve it alongside a vegan-friendly BLT made with Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon. I love this meat-free option because it has just 90-calories per serving + 0 mg cholesterol, but packs an amazing 10g of protein. Put this atop toasted whole grain bread with creamy horseradish instead of mayo to cut the fat, kale instead of plain lettuce to increase your nutrients, and a few tomato slices for depth. Voila! 

Not-Your Standard Nachos

Forget the cheese + sour cream to considerably lower fat and calories. This also makes it dairy-free friendly. Half your usual amount of chips (1 cup at most) and top with 1/4 cup vegetarian refried beans, 1 cup grilled veggies like bell peppers + onion, 1 TB guacamole, 1 TB pico de gallo or salsa, + 4-5 strips of Applegate grilled chicken strips in either regular or Fajita-flavored. 

Chicken Fingers + Fries For Everyone

Who doesn't love an amazing chicken finger + fry meal every now and then?!? I have a few ways I make them, but primarily it is healthier to bake your chicken, use creative "coatings" so it isn't just a fried flour-y breaded finger, + serve them with 1 cup of cooked greens + sweet potato fries for some healthy starch. I love the Alexia fries I bake while prepping the chicken. 

  • Try using light Boursin cheese vs an egg for the coating + then crush some multigrain crackers or use gluten-free breadcrumbs. 
  • I also love to do a sweet potato chip crust with an egg to make it stick - adding a dash of chili powder for some spice. 

Fresh and Natural Mac + Cheese

In my house this means A box, milk, + some veggies and you've got lunch! 

A quick tip for this Three Bridges all-natural mac you can make in 3 minutes- you should lower your serving size + of just pasta and make the dish even more nutrient-rich + filling by adding grilled veggies to the bowl. Not only does this optimize the servings you get from one box; you get fiber for days! I love putting in roasted broccoli or grilled bell peppers + onion. 


 Best Producer/Friend Ever!

Best Producer/Friend Ever!

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