Simple, Flavor-Filled Football Game Foods


There should always be a food for everyone when hosting a Super Bowl party, but why spend hours in the kitchen or days after regretting what you ate? Since the average American eats over 5000 calories in this Winter Sunday, it can take weeks to work that off. Let's break the statistic in a tasty way with my easy-to-serve recipes below!


Hummus cups with Raw veggies + drizzle of Harissa- a new way to bring crudite to the table, you can make individual cups with hummus at the bottom, colorful + cut up veggies stuck in it, then drizzle it with a metabolism-boosting spicy Harissa sauce. 

Vegetarian burritos of varied flavors can be simply microwaved, cut into pieces, then served with a toppings bar like I brought along with me. Including the new flavors from Wholly Guacamole; Sriracha, Chipotle, Lime, + Margarita. You don't have to make it yourself when you can buy this tasty guac made from hand-scooped Haas avocados + real, clean ingredients. It comes in convenient 8- + 16-oz peel + serve trays. What's easier than that for a party? I combined this party-pleaser with another favorite of mine; Chi Chi's Salsa; made from quality ingredients including real tomatoes + veggies that are super chunky. Their flavors can be served in small bowls to choose from featuring: Verde, Pineapple (my fave,) Cilantro, Thick + Chunky; which comes in mild, medium, + hot. I also supplied a yogurt-based ranch dressing that is BEYOND tasty when mixed with any salsa!


I simply baked some Alexia organic crinkle-cut fries + topped them with applegate bacon slices along with Wholly guacamole! It's like nacho fries, but without the high fat cheese + sour cream.

I bought turkey-based Jenny-O meatballs + baked them, simply topping them with a spicy buffalo sauce + placed them in Romaine lettuce cups. Using whit meat turkey meat significantly lowers your fat + calorie intake - this is a great chicken wing replacement!

Simply roast asparagus slices wrapped in prosciutto (with a drizzle of olive oil over them) at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes. This is a great way to add veggies + forgo the big, heavy meat plate oftentimes put out.


The best way to cure people's sweet tooth is to offer these quickly made chocolate-covered strawberries + pretzel rods. I love that they are so low in calories, but still are packed with sweetness! 

We hope you all have a guilt-free, happy Super Bowl Sunday!