Have a Helluva Holiday: Ashley's Holiday Party Tips


We all need tips to stay as healthy + keep up with moderation during this time of year. It's always better to do the best you can so you are not having to make up for it as much once the holidays past. Here are my kick ass tried + true tips!

1. Eat within an hour before you go: raw veggies + sipping on water will fill you up because they're good tummy fillers.

2. Wear a tighter outfit or belt that restricts you physically enough to discourage over-eating.

3. Focus on finger foods that are carb-free + have limited sauce to eat skinnier than usual.

4. For every alcoholic beverage, sip on a room temp water.

5. When choosing a drink, a plain hard liquor cocktail with low sugar + sodium mixers is ideal.

6. Kick up the fat-burning interval cardio before and after the event. 25-30 minutes of sweating can help your metabolism.

7. BYOF; as in bring your own food; to a party as a party favor and something healthier you can munch on.

8. Talk more! You're busy being a social butterfly, you won't have as much time to down a drink or chew more food!

9. Use a plate. Finger food is dangerous as you wind up subconsciously eating and not knowing how much you've taken in without using a plate. You need a visual.

10. Skip the bowls of food. Nuts, seeds, pretzels...it's all salt. No need to bloat up with bowl foods.



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