WCIU You & Me This Morning: Doing Dairy-Free

In my early 20s I recognized that I was not meant to be lifelong friends with dairy. Headaches, indigestion, cramps, bloating...you name it, I had it thanks to my, what I thought was, undying love of cheese. Well, cheese and I broke up. At first, I felt a bit lost, but after some time researching how to replace what I missed about dairy back into my meals, I didn't think twice. Turns out, a lot of my attachment to dairy was out of habit + my inability to look past making meals I love without the dairy + still enjoy it.

Case in point- I brought in my biggest weakness; I used to eat cheese-filled burritos daily! I was devastated to give them up, until I started buying Sweet Earth tasty, plant-based, dairy-free burritos that keep my burrito-loving butt buying them for breakfast, lunch, + dinner! This one in particular, the Anasazi bean-filled burrito has 18g of protein, a plethora of vitamins, iron, + is filled with flavor thanks to butternut squash, green chiles, + more- making me say, "who needs cheese?" with each bite.

Going dairy-free is something that many people may choose to do or need to do at some point in their life. If you have developed an intolerance or chosen a vegan lifestyle, I've got you covered with plenty of dairy-free replacement foods pictured below that are easily digestible + as close to the real thing as you get!

The best-in-show brands I love include: TEMPT, SoDelicious, Green Valley Organics, Diaya, Go Veggie!, + Coconut Bliss. Check them out in stores near you on your next grocery trip.

Be sure to peruse my site for recipes - there are over 1000 recipes + they are ALL dairy-free!


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