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Let's face it, sometimes the freezer is our dearest, I-want-to-hug-you-and-hard, life-saving friend at meal time when we've had a crazy week. The best news since sliced bread? The freezer can be waistline friendly these days when you develop a good sense of brand recognition + read labels. 

My personal experience as a mom to a growing toddler, a business owner, + as a healthy living lover has made me keep up with new foods that you can find for nutrient-density, tastiness, + that aren't so time-consuming. I mixed it up to give you all a wide variety of some of my favorite selections that I brought into the Fox News Chicago studio this morning- check out my detailed reasoning below! (for the behind-the-scenes live segment, check out here this video)

Saffron Road: Chicken Enchiladas Poblano - wonderful taste profile, ready in minutes, gluten-free, + FILLING!

  • Chickens are humanely raised on a 100% vegetarian diet
  • Authentic Mexican cuisine in minutes!
  • Available at the following local retailers: Jewel Osco, Meijer if in your neighborhood
  • Certified halal by IFANCA

Daiya: Non-Dairy Pizza - gluten-free, loaded with veggies, + yummy in the tummy

  • Daiya (pronounced DAY-A if you're asking for them in-store) is the leading maker of delicious plant-based foods that are dairy-, gluten- + soy-free.
  • The "supreme" pizza, which I ate with my little girl the other night, is cheezier than ever. Not ot mention it combines fiber-filled veggies + meatless (but soy-free) sausage atop a gluten-free crust so you are avoiding many common allergens, but still able to indulge in your American classic pizza.
  • Made with 100% plant-based ingredients, this pizza is perfect for anyone, whether you’re dairy-intolerant, allergic, vegan, or simply living a healthier lifestyle.  

Veggie Fries - potatoes don't have to be the only ingredient in a french fry! Trust me, these veggie fries deliver 2 servings of veggies for every 10 fries you consume, which is a great way to boost your nutrition + fiber intake!

  • Created by parents Dave & Cristina Peters, Veggie Fries are a tasty and convenient way to incorporate veggie nutrition. Made from a blend of farm-grown vegetables, legumes and + potatoes...
    • They are an excellent source of Vitamins A, C + K
    • Non-GMO. gluten-free, + also free of all of the top 8 allergens (great for kids!)
  • For where to find them + get more information on their flavors, head to their site:

Halo Top - because eating an entire pint of ice cream under 400 calories is do-able + delivers ridiculously tasty flavors!

  • This is stocked in my freezer for my go-to low-calorie ice cream with a seriously awesome flavor.
  • Halo was the first brand to use all-natural, premium ingredients.  Forget the overly sugared ice creams + instead, they use organic stevia, which cuts the calories along with the use of egg whites for a creamy texture.
  • Nutrition-wise, I am attracted to their 24g of protein per pint, but also because it is lower in sugar + carbs + calories without using faux substitutes. 
  • A variety of flavors including classics like vanilla bean, chocolate, lemon cake, and strawberry to more indulgent flavors like mint chip, chocolate mocha chip, birthday cake, chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter cup, cookies & cream, sea salt caramel, s’mores, pistachio, oatmeal cookie, chocolate almond crunch, black cherry + red velvet.

Garden Lites Muffins

  • Garden Lites is on a mission to create delicious foods that are truly healthy thanks to all of their products being veggie-rich with vegetables as its first ingredient!
  • The frozen muffins are a staple in my house to get myself + my daughter to our 8 servings of veggies per day as well as giving us a dose of healthy fiber without a big caloric intake. Quick to heat, very yummy, + loaded with nutrition? Duh!
  • Chocolate + Blueberry Oat make for a good breakfast, snack, or sweet, but being gluten-, dairy-, + nut-free is a huge selling point to me as well. Since they are individually packaged, I can also bring them along with me anywhere.

Vita Tops

  • VitaTops are America’s favorite + only muffin top - a great way to stay with portion control 
  • The VitaTops Deep Chocolate are made with organic ingredients like whole grain flour + cocoa powder. At only 100 calories, it's a fantastic snack to cure that sweet tooth. The Wild Blueberry contain organic wild blueberries and are only 120 calories- yum!
  • I also have a huge fan of them being organic, protein-rich, gluten-free, + with Superfood benefits  
  • You can learn more - 
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