Cinco de Mayo is a Fiesta of Flavor


Today I was LIVE on Facebook with my Fox friend Natalie Bomke chatting healthier ways to "wrap up" a Cinco de Mayo day. As in food, of course! My breakfast, lunch, + dinner recipes were all the fillings for a healthy, 5-minute meal that is not a guilt-ridden meal that will expand your waist, but instead, flavorful fanfare with flare!



As someone who has been gluten-free for going on 10 years, I value a tasty sandwich wrap that is free of the common allergens many people face, but above that, it's also filled with healthy fiber + low on fat! BFree Foods is for ANYONE- with just 110 calories per serving, less than a gram of sugar, + loaded with digestible fiber; it's a home-run. I love how soft and pliable they are without breaking + the seeds give it a lil' tasty crunch. 


BREAKFAST - take 1/2 cup of fire roasted or grilled corn, mixed with 1 TB of chopped poblano pepper either grilled or raw, then add in 2 slices of bacon + you've got a bangin' breakfast wrap! I buy the organic fire roasted corn or use leftovers so there's no morning prep + even add in a scoop of avocado + 3 egg whites if it's lost-workout. 

LUNCH - 2 TB green chiles, 1/2 cup white beans, dash of sea salt, lime juice (to taste,) + 2 TB chopped orange bell pepper. For the plant-based peeps out there! 

DINNER- 1 small teriyaki chicken breast (leftovers I made in the slow-cooker this week,) 2 TB mandarin oranges, 2 TB pico de gallo, 2 TB chopped yellow bell pepper, + a dash of cilantro. Y-U-M. I even had leftovers of the breakfast bowl and tossed some of that in too!

The important takeaways include:

  • Pick 1 starch per meal (Latin dishes tend to have Beans, tortillas, rice, chips...all at one time) 
  • Stick to a singular fat focus- dairy is ever-present so having cheese, sour cream, + guacamole isn't necessary. Pick one + then add flavor in other ways with spices and spicy peppers. 
  • Load it with veggies- fill yourself up with extra raw and/or cooked veggies. I love bell peppers, scallions, onions, tomatoes, thick salsas, jicama, + radishes!
  • Skip the sippin' sugars- make your own cocktail like the tequila cocktail I posted the other week!
Ashley Pettit