Back to Basics with Boxing + Post-Workout Protein

I decided to "kick it Old School" with Facebook Live today with Natalie Bomke with Fox News Chicago and bring in an age-old workout I loved when I was younger -boxing.  I used to go to class several times a week on top of my other workouts because it is an active, well-balanced, full body workout. So, we headed into UFC River North to hear about their an hour-long conditioning class + chat post-workout snacks packed with protein.

Here is the video to learn more about the class format, the benefits, + meet the team!


I Heart Keenwah are in my gym bag daily thanks to their 4 tasty flavors + the fact that a serving has a healthy 5g of protein + is just 120 calories. Gluten-free, organic, 3 are vegan, + they are a local brand! "Yum" sums up my feelings, but also the ease of tossing them in your bag with a hard-boiled egg or Icelandic yogurt- it gives you the post-workout protein you need to build up the muscles you broke down during your workout. 

PS: I ate a bag last night! 

Ashley Pettit