Fourth of July Healthy Side Dishes

Wishing you all a happy + healthy Fourth ofJuly... without all of the guilt! No festive BBQ is complete without a variety of side dishes, so here are my new low-calorie, budget-friendly recommendations. Who's hungry?!


Greek-Inspired coleslaw made with super greens like broccoli, bok choy, cabbage, + more so it's filling + tasty! I used a Greek yogurt-based tzatziki sauce + kalamata olives to top it off. 3 ingredients = an amazing side dish!


Wholly Guacamole is my jam! (I literally made toast with it topped with egg whites this morning as I couldn't wait. :) Thanks to it being all natural, preservative-free, + literally scooped out of Haas avocados, I use it as a convenient starter dip with water-packed vegetables like jicama sticks and radishes instead of chips. I like that Wholly has the tray size for entertaining a group. Dig in!

Summer means peach season, so grilling some chicken + peaches and adding them to some mint, greens, + a light dressing, you've got a quick + easy main salad. 

Pasta salads are the holiday popular BBQ partner, but toss the flour-filled white noodles and use spiralized vegetable noodles with a ton of chopped veggies like red + yellow bell peppers, poblano peppers, + more. Then add some white tuna + a yogurt-based honey mustard dressing and you've got a low carb + low-calorie pasta dish. 

Ashley Pettit