Stress is BS, Say Goodbye To It Today

By April 8, 2015 No Comments

April is Stress Awareness Month, but for APL, all 365 days of the crazy year we need stress-relief tips! It used to be difficult for me to envision a day without constant, nagging stress; key phrase: “used to be.”  Tack on a 6-month-old, my 3rd year with an ever-growing self-run business, and so much other real-life craziness and I have the recipe for what should be considered a stress-tastic lifestyle.  BUT, I live by some simple stress-banishing tricks that legit SAVE MY LIFE every. single. day.

#1: Mom needs bath time too: how come it seems passé for adults to have a daily bath time too? Maybe these massaging shower heads have just taken the world by storm, but nothing washes away my stress like a detox bath at the end of a long & busy day. AFTER my daughter has hers of course, when the house is quiet & she is asleep…I  soak in for 10 minutes and am a NEW woman. Go ahead and laugh, but with some Epsom salt and calming essential oils (I love lavender for calming help.)

#2: Calming chamomile at tea time: a cup full of chamomile tea & a mini-break in a comfortable chair can do wonders for your afternoon when you are at our highest stress level during the day. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

#3: 5-minute meditation: just 5 minutes a day of meditation can absolutely save you. Find a time you can be in complete silence and meditate on whatever you choose.  APL loves using an app for guidance or to wash out stress-inducing thoughts.

#4: Get a service of your choice: APL loves wellness services like a lymphatic massage, a detoxifying body wrap, some acupuncture…or whatever your desire…doing something for yourself that brings you to your centered self is key to re-balancing yourself & getting rejuvenated from the inside, out.

#5: Light up: no, not that kind of lighting up dumbo, but a smelly candle can take your craziness down a notch if you get a scent that works with your mood. APL is obsessed with smells and their connection to state-of-mind. TryDiptyque’s 60-hour burn Lavender candle since lavender has the reputation for de-stressing a room.

#6: Make a playlist: I don’t know about you, but I have a few playlists that I purposely made to bring me to a peaceful place. Everyone’s taste is different, so I won’t dictate your tune choices, but pick things that entice you to sit back, relax, and focus on the melody and not the melodrama. 

We hope these suggestions bring you ongoing peace & happiness loves! Now go out and try one of these!