APL Tried + True Healthy Travel Tips

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APL’s Any & All Travel Tips

It’s about that time of year, when people are gearing up for summer trips before the kids head back to school, vacation homes get a little visit in August, or work might be picking up requiring some travel…Whatever your reasons for travel,  you all may find yourselves on a plane a lot without knowing just how to be your healthiest self while traveling. No worries folks, APL has your back!

Our Essential Travel Tips to Stay Healthy

  • Hydrate! Staying hydrated is key to not drying out in the air. Don’t forget to grab a BIG water after security. I cannot get enough water from the attendant, so I am sure to bring my own.
  • Take Your Vitamins, in particular a few days before travel– especially immune-boosting vitamin C and B vitamins.
  • Cleanliness is Key – bring some wipes to clean off those armrests, belt buckle, and tray tables. Go ahead and laugh now, but you think they go through and thoroughly wipe these things between flights when the turnaround is 10 minutes or less? Nope…you’re on your own here ladies and gents.
  • Keep “pretty” – I keep a green & clean moisturizer and lip balm in my bag to apply mid-flight so I don’t suffer chapping or excessive dryness from the re-circulated air.
  • Move – walk a bit every hour to keep your blood circulating; this is good for your body as well as helping with blood clot prevention.
  • Bye, Bye Booze – alcohol during the flight is a no-no, mostly because it is going to not only lower your immunity and make it easier for you to catch something from your coughing neighbor, it will lend to you being even more dry and dehydrated.
  • Perfect your Posture – the neck pillow is an absolute must when traveling by air…not only because it keeps your head from the germ-ridden seat, but it also helps your posture so you don’t have aches and pains when de-boarding.
  • Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs – for long flights, catching some zzz’s is important to your health, but can be difficult with the environment, so a mask and ear plugs can block off the excessive light and noise that may prevent you from a necessary nap.
  • Bathroom Behavior – use a paper towel to flush the toilet, lower the seat, and open the door to exit so you keep your hands clean. Use bottle water to brush your teeth (oftentimes the faucet water on airplanes does not meet the federal standard.)
  • Stretch Post-Flight – your circulation is off and your body has been cramped in a position that was tough on you. I love a brief yoga routine to bring my limbs back to life!

BYOTS (Bring Your Own Travel Snacks) 

We have some great go-to travel snacks that keep for a while are in your bag!

  • ½-cup of edamame, cooked & served plain
  • 1 cup of sliced fresh veggies with 3 TB organic hummus
  • An organic apple sliced up and put in a baggie with lemon juice squeezed on it and a couple dashes of cinnamon on top of it
  • A green juice (80-100 calories or less, only 1 serving of fruit in it or just plain green with a citrus to sweeten it like lemon- Suja has good options)
  • Seaweed snacks (I love Annie Chun’s wasabi flavored!)
  • A banana with 1 TB organic, no sugar-added almond or sunflower seed butter