Corn Saute and Cold Mint Pea Soup

By August 26, 2010 No Comments

I love to cook, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time in a day.  So, oftentimes when I have a few hours set aside, I take to my kitchen and go into a cooking frenzy.  I am like a madwoman!  I clean, chop, puree, saute, boil, toil, and churn out a refrigerator full of homemade food.

On today’s cooking list was a Fresh Pea & Mint Soup (for the recipe:, complete with one of my favorite ingredients, the shallot, as mentioned recently in my blog.

Check out my chopping mission:

That is a lot of shallots to chop!  However, it is such an easy recipe, that after 20 minutes it was in a bowl ready for me to eat while I started on my next recipe!  This light pea soup is a wonderful pre-cursor to a summertime poultry dish.

I did a three-minute kitchen sweep, cleaning and loading the dishwasher before I began my Summer Corn Saute dish (for the recipe:

First things first, while I boil the corn, I am writing this blog!

Time to chop the herbs-this recipe calls for a few goodies: dill, parsley, cilantro, and tarragon.  My incredible knife set and cutting board are getting a workout tonight!

You can chop them finer, but I love leaving things a bit chinky.  Now I am ready to saute it all together and complete my time in the kitchen!  I do add a little special touch of my own to the recipe- lime juice.  I love lime juice with corn and it does add a fresh tang to the recipe.

Try both of these today and join me as a fellow kitchen madwoman.