Fox Facebook Live: Better Digestion for a Slimmer Waistline

By February 1, 2017 No Comments

It’s less than 7 weeks until Spring, officially, no matter what groundhog Phil says tomorrow. That means it’s nearing better weather + less clothes! This morning on Facebook Live with Natalie Bomke we discussed improving your digestion by adding 3 specific types of foods in your daily diet in order to beat the bloat + fend off weight gain. 

Initially, I start my day off with supplements like a probiotic + digestive enzyme to boost my digestibility throughout the day. As we get older, we have less and less enzymes to break foods down + our “bad” bacteria is overcoming our “good.” Boosting your levels via supplements can improve that situation tremendously!

I eat light to heavy throughout the day, as mentioned, to keep my digestion from backing up. This includes things like Sweet Earth’s Get Cultured Burrito; dairy-free (less inflammatory that way) + filled with 1 billion CFUs to bring you live cultures in a tasty meal! You can’t beat the flavors + this brings live cultures to your food in a very yummy way!

Fermented foods, a big trend right now, are also highly beneficial for digestion. I, myself, have 1/2 cup of kimchi per day with my lunch to boost my diet. It comes in so many different flavors + is a classic food to fill you up + boost digestion. Kefir, cultured yogurts, kombucha, fermented soy foods…they are all there to beat the bloat + bring good bacteria to your body.

In case you missed the segment, here it is!