Better Than Basic Salad Tips

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Some salads have more fat + calories than a BIG MAC! Oh wowza. I’ll pass on that thank you very much. check out my quick tips below to undress the guilt from your salad + dress it back up to keep you full, happy, + healthy without packing on the pounds!

  • You can always do a salad better! By using nutrient-dense darker greens + mixing it up (vs basic iceberg lettuce) – you will boost your salad’s health credibility!

  • Add in 1-2 more cups of extra raw veggies that will also keep you fuller, longer

  • Skip the cheeses, croutons, roasted nuts/seeds, + add-ons that pack the fat + calories. Opt instead for healthy boosts like Goji or golden berries, raw pumpkin seeds or hemp hearts, + add a super food powder to your healthier dressing like: spirulina or maca powder.

  • It’s all in the dressing! If you look at any website with nutritional information for a restaurant, you will see they do not even include the dressing in the total fat + calories! BIG MISTAKE!!! Bring your own to work or keep them at home + dress your salad yourself. I am IN LOVE with Primal Kitchen’s salad dressings (Greek, Honey Mustard, Green Goddess, Caesar and Ranch) because they use avocado oil as the base and are free of sugar, gluten, dairy, industrialized seed oils (from safflower, canola, soy).

    • Avocado oil is, without a doubt, one of the healthiest and most versatile oils on the planet. With a nutritional profile similar to that of olive oil, but with an arguably better taste and greater cooking adaptability, avocado oil is made up of nearly 70% oleic acid, the monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid that launched olive oil to superstar status. The heart-healthy fats in avocado oil also help boost the absorption of other nutrients, particularly carotenoids. The dressings make amazing marinades too, in addition to toppings, sauces and dips for veggies!!!

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