Beyond The Beef: Less Calories + Fat, But Not Your Basic Burgers

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And we wonder why we’re always dieting. Did you know that one SINGLE fast food chain buys over 1 billion pounds of beef per year? Burgers, made with beef, account for over 60% of ALL sandwiches sold annually. As a $73 billion dollar industry; clearly we’re literally feeding into it. However, the nutrition stats are why I have a frackin’ job. Take your quarter pound cheeseburger, bun, basic condiments…sure, it’s 552 calories on average, but carries a whopping 30 grams of fat, 13 grams of which are S-A-T-U-R-A-T-E-D FAT. Clog those arteries one big beef burger at a time…They aren’t the enemy. More so, it’s our frequency in consuming them as well as the inability for so many people to venture outside the box and…BEYOND THE BEEF. Enter stage right, ME!


I took to my kitchen to plot + plan a few beef alternatives to get tasty, flavorful burgers lower in calories and fat. Let’s go lean with white meat only ground chicken or turkey.  But, like when they are “roasts” (not ironically still having a “body,”) we stuff them! So, ground meat mixed with yummy nom noms makes for a leaner, meaner burger fare. My chicken burger has scallions, jalapeno + a light amount of cheddar cheese. YASSSS! Cheese, in moderation, can make or break a burger. I top this with avocado slices, tomato, lettuce or shredded cabbage + then, drumroll please…Sir Kensington chipotle mayonnaise (no preservatives, additives, or ANYTHING fake!) for the WOW. They make condiments with high quality ingredients + character! They can be found easily at Jewel, Mariano’s, Whole Foods, + Meijer’s. Take this slice of meat + place it on a grilled gluten-free, especially soft + thick Canyon Bakehouse whole grain bun. The turkey burger is filled with red onion, bell peppers, cilantro, + feta cheese. I LOVE using surprise people I cook for with hummus or Greek yogurt Tzatsiki as a condiment + I place it in a lettuce wrap. Outside. Of. The. Box. 



Next stop is my ultimate favorite because it delivers us not only fiber, but flavor in the form of vegetable burgers thanks to a go-to of mine now and forever even thought I love me some meat – Sweet Earth. In fresh or frozen versions, this is my JAM for a quick #meatless dinner. Teriyaki, Mediterranean, + Santa Fe flavors are made so you don’t have to dress them with lots of condiments or add-ons, but I LOVE to have them on grilled slices of Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free, whole grain bread! The Teriyaki I top with shredded cabbage and/or bean sprouts, jicama slices, + I mix Sir Kensington pure + amazingly perfect mayonnaise with a few dashes of SAN-J gluten-free Tamari. It’s a mouth explosion! The Mediterranean burger is perfect topped with sliced kalamata olives, some greens, + crumbled feta cheese – even a tad of garlic hummus is amazing. The Santa Fe can simply be topped with some salsa or pico de gallo for a well-rounded, super easy meal.


Fish. Yes, it’s a thing. Making wild salmon or tuna into a burger is my go-to for some fresh healthy fish at home. So why not a burger? I love to do cabbage cups with flaked salmon-shallots-dried cranberries-microgeens mixed with a dash of Sir Kensington Dijon Mustard+ their incredible mayonnaise. Good news? The mayo comes in vegan too! If you are simply laying off of dairy or are vegan – voila! Amazing quality, taste, + ingredients. For the tuna? I have made them like crab cakes + used bread, lettuce, or absolutely nothing to eat them! Top them with off I use balsamic syrup of Sir Kensington’s tartar sauce. 

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