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I wanted to give ya’ll the list of my essentials for living healthy because it is the most frequently-asked question by clients + followers alike! I divided them up into categories and all of it can be bought on! And here we go…let’s move towards better health together!


  • Vitamin D3 at 5000IU to benefit bone, brain, + heart health
  • Blue majik individual packets that I drink with 1/2 lemon + 8-oz of water to boost joint health and protect my cells/antioxidants 
  • Probiotic for improved digestion (a must) + absorption of vitamins/minerals
  • Chlorophyll for detox nighttime drink to give you a cleaner, leaner inside


  • A 12LB weight vest to boost my calorie burn during workouts on my @proform home treadmill
  • A medicine ball (6+ LBS) to use during a morning plyo workout to make it a bit harder
  • 34-oz. Swell water bottle for my hydration needs on-the-go + my daily detox drinks
  • Set of dumbbells (medium weight so they are versatile for upper/lower body strength in the living room!)
  • Weighted jump rope for a quick, at-home workout 
  • A foam roller to get into your myofascial tissue + stretch your muscles out


  • Happy Light for a dose of natural sunlight’s vitamin D, improve your mood by boosting serotonin, + helps with sleep
  • Dry brush to smooth your skin, help with circulation, drain the lymphatic system, improve cellulite, + more
  • Epsom salt for detox baths (2 cups in hot water, soak for 20 minutes to lose water weight + ditch toxins)
  • Copper eye mask to help aid your sleeping patterns, help with your eye bags/wrinkles, + more


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