Why I decided to jump on board with cleansing my mind + body from the inside, out

I decided to participate in a dry January for several reasons; most of which were not directly related to my physical health. I wanted to clear myself out mentally and emotionally as well as be at peak performance going into a new year.

The choice to not have alcohol in your life is incredibly personal to whatever extent you commit to abstaining. I am not here to preach never drinking again to anyone or on any level. I merely wanted to share my journey as to why I committed to cleaning up from the inside, out for 30 days in #dryjanuary

First and foremost, I didn’t do it alone. I committed with my man to encourage one another. Having a partner who is dry with you, especially when you eat out together or make meals together; is a big key to success.

The benefits to me thus far (not even halfway through) include:

  • Improved sleep- not waking up as much here and there throughout the night (a sign of deeper REM sleep)
  • Brighter “wake up” time in the mornings
  • A boost in overall mental clarity
  • Lighter stomach/less bloat
  • Less eating noticed at mealtime when I would normally have a glass of wine (when eating out)

Want to commit with me for the rest of January? Follow me on Instagram @Living_withAshley to see my LIVE diaries and to keep motivated to live healthy whether dry or not!

The Overall Benefits To Observe:

  • Encourages you to deepen some of your social friendships by choosing activities other than happy hour or a boozy meal
  • Strengthens your will power overall – test yourself regularly!
  • Boosts your mind-body connection
  • It’s a true test with the dreary January days because your emotions are tested
  • It pushes you to find alternative ways to unwind and relax
  • You may change your habits when you do go off the dry detox because you realize the benefits of less booze
  • You’ll savor days you do not eat poorly when you have a slight or horrible hangover
  • If you suffer from any sort of hangovers even if it is just one or two drinks where you get a mind fog, bloated, or even more severe for some who may have over imbibed; you will notice an uptake on productivity as well since your head won’t suffer from the booze “cloud” and your body won’t be trying to rid of the toxin overload

I do believe that while there are some physical benefits, they are secondary to the mental and emotional benefits of ditching the drinks for a month.

Happy New Year and best of luck to you on your healthy resolutions for 2019!

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