FOOD: How-To Save Money + Waste

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AMERICANS WASTE UP TO 40% OF WHAT THEY BUY AT THE GROCERY STORE…That means that with some tips and tricks, you could also save nearly 50% of your dollars spent at the store.

One of the things that can save you money is SHOPPING FIRST, PLANNING SECOND.

This sounds counterintuitive because people always think to plan out recipes, then a grocery list, then shop. But, oftentimes, we need to know what we are working with seasonally and from which store first in order to stay within our grocery budgets. Buying produce can be done based on price as long as you get 3-4 different varieties of foods with multiple colors, and a large dose of greens.

WHEN BUDGET IS YOUR MAIN CONCERN:  buy servings needed per food group and develop meals later!

I did this yesterday @wholefoods and found some produce to revolve my meals around with basic proteins and healthy sauces/condiments.


  • purple kale – using it in breakfast hashes with egg whites
  • dandelion greens – to use as a base for a lunch bowl protein salad
  • edible flowers to top my weekly meals off with for beauty + a superfood bonus
  • grapefruit, fennel, mint – to chop into a #rawfood salad with a champagne vinaigrette + grilled shrimp
  • purple potato – sliced + pan-grilled with egg whites, onion, microgreens, + parmesan
  • jicama for a raw snack with hummus
  • Pink swiss chard chopped up for a lightly sautéed side dish
  • enoki mushrooms – do crispy with garlic and egg
  • radish micro greens, cress, and pea tendrils as meal bases
  • Another big tip is to become friends with your freezer: remember to freeze what you don’t eat. ALL OF IT.
  • Don’t over spend on high-end superfoods unless you need them for a specific health reason or ailment. Your same-old colorful fruits + veggies will provide you with loads of healthful, nutrient-dense compounds. I simply fortify my diet with a D3, probiotic, + chlorophyl supplement all within my budget.
  • Buy less drinks. You don’t need anything really but water. Even then, skip individual water bottles + buy large gallons for the week or use a water filter in your home. I love to flavor my waters overnight to mix things up.
  • More time spent shopping may lower your expenses. I buy particular things in particular places. If you have access to a butcher, you most likely will save money on your protein intake. Oftentimes, the seasonal produce basket deliveries rival a grocery store as well as a local egg delivery – I love having fresh eggs that are 1.99/dozen versus $6.99. Sometimes, shopping online is a great deal. RESEARCH + REUSE your favorite money-saving spots.
  • Repurpose your leftovers. I love to make breakfast from dinner! Whether it’s using the whole meal, the side dish of veggies, or the lean protein in a hash with egg whites…utilize the foods you make + twist them into another slightly varied meal to keep it from being repetitive and boring.
  • Whole foods are 99% of the time cheaper than pre-made, pre-boxed items.

Try these tips to save money + waste!

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