LWA x Weber Grill Cooking Series: “Beyond the Beef” – Burgers 4 Ways

LWA with Weber Grills: “Beyond the Beef” – Burgers 4 Ways

I always cook keeping the old adage in mind to be “better than basic.” That’s why I get as creative as I can with the classics. So, take a burger and stuff it, use different meat bases, plan out some creative toppings, and even go beyond the bread for a unique bun.

I’ve got turkey, chicken, crab, and grass-fed beef in the kitchen- all of which can be cooked on the same grill + used as amazing leftovers too. Packing them with flavor is key to making a lasting impression in the burger world. No worries, I’ve got your flavor folks!

The chicken is Greek stuffed, the turkey is a Southwest-infused burger, while the grass-fed beef is spiced up, + the crab is a meatier format of a seasoned crab cake sans any breading.


Make sure to start with a clean grill…

  • The number one cause of flare-ups is a dirty grill. Ick. So, preheat the grill for 15 minutes. Then, use a stainless steel grill brush to remove any remaining food particles from the cooking grates.
    • All Weber stainless steel grill brushes have been tested on porcelain-enameled, cast-iron and stainless steel cooking grates, and will not damage the cooking surface.
    • For gas grills, like what I use, getting in the habit of regularly taking out the cooking grates and pushing debris from the Flavorizer bars, heat shields and cookbox into the catch pan, can help prevent the grill from premature aging.
    • Specific gas grill safety note: Always keep the bottom tray and grease catch pan of your gas grill clean and free of debris. This not only prevents dangerous grease fires, it deters visits from unwanted critters.

Best Burger Grilling Tips:

  • Turn them only once – keep your hands occupied so you aren’t tempted to turn, turn, turn! Burgers (and most meats) being grilled only need one flip.
  • The ideal thickness for a raw patty is 3⁄4 inch. If it’s any thinner, it’s likely to overcook and dry out before a nice crust develops on the outside. If it’s much thicker, the crust might turn black and unappetizing before the center reaches the safe internal doneness level of medium.
  • Monitor internal temps with the lid shut thanks to my new best friend; the iGrill. It is an app-connected thermometer that shows you the meat’s temp when you are grilling without needing to open the lid!
  • Talk about “…by grillers, for grillers!” This Weber accessory, in combination with my Spirit II Weber Grills can monitor up to 4 cuts of meat at a time and has made me better at one of my favorite past-times.
    • Not to mention, the cast iron grates on this grill make the perfect sear!

click on this picture for specific meat temps.

Other Quick Tips:

  • Grill your bread + any vegetable toppings. I use the top shelf on the grill to grill up my paleo or whole grain bun slices + veggies.
  • Buy a Weber grilling basket and/or pan for fish, veggies, + any other delicate foods to avoid waste like using tin foil every time you cook.
  • Adding cheese? Add it 2 minutes before the burger is done with the grill top closed.
  • One thing I notice newbies on the grill forget is to take in the dishes you brought out the uncooked meats on + wash them to reuse once grilling is complete. No need to stack up the dishes and use new ones or run into a “oh shoot, I don’t have a tray” to take it in moment! Put it on and busy yourself inside cleaning it; this will also distract you from being a helicopter grilled + wanting to keep checking your grill!

Watch the video for the internal temps for turkey, chicken, + beef burgers and then head to Pinterest for the recipe specifics.


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