LWA x WEBER GRILL: veggies galore

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Let me make meal prep this upcoming week easier for you. Grill 3-4 kinds of veggies, use them as sides for dinner, then save them and make them into different variations of sides + salads for the next few days! Genius. I love grilling in bulk so that I can make my weekdays simpler.

What I grilled:

I snagged some Brussels sprouts, fennel, + kale. Grill kale? Yes, leafy greens can be grilled!

But, don’t stop there! Some of my other favorites are asparagus, zucchini, bell peppers, heirloom tomatoes for a grilled take on a Caprese salad, corn, onions (to chop up + put atop any protein,) avocados (if you missed it, check out my Cinco de Mayo recipe video,) and more.

The best part is, while you are grilling these, you can also grill up some proteins for the week!

Things from Weber I can’t live without:

I love using my Weber Grill- Spirit II and the free Weber Grill app to guide me through the grilling process. Not to mention, when I want to do smaller veggies, their grilling basket!

Let me know what you try cooking!

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