LWA x Weber Grills Cooking Series: Cinco de Mayo Cooking in Bulk

LWA x Weber Grills Cooking Series: Cinco de Mayo Cooking in Bulk

Cooking, or grilling, in bulk is a learned skill. In the new video for my Weber Grills Cooking Series, I chat about making the 5 Cinco de Mayo recipes from appetizers + salads to a choice of main courses. All of which have food items from the grill! Grilling Brilliantly, especially with my Weber, adds depth to foods that I find more flavorful and more filling.

What a fun way to bring my meal prep skills to the table! I started with the pineapples so I could get some apps out on the table while I cooked the rest in veg and protein batches.


  • Keep in mind, I have TWO amazing Weber Grills in my home to use, but I made this more realistic by using one grill. However, if you want a portable partner for your Spirit II Weber Grill, snag a Weber Q 1200 + use one grill specifically for veggies and one for proteins.
  • You can keep the veggies to be served with the main dish by putting them up on the top tray while grilling proteins. This keeps em’ warm! Watch out for water-packed veggies like zucchini and bell peppers- they can get soggy if warmed/cooked too long.
  • You can have the burners on the Spirit II Weber Grill (trackable link) at different temps. I kept the steak and shrimp on lower burners to cook slower, but for the same amount of time as the chicken; which takes longer to cook through and get to an internal temp of 165 degrees.
  • Note: I grilled the shrimp lightly oiled + put the sauce on AFTER in order to keep cooking even. With a honey-Sriracha sauce, the sugar can cause it to brown too early. If you have a lower sugar marinade, it is ideal to marinate it overnight in the refrigerator.
  • Move the veggies off of the grill “warmer” grate up top, place the meats up there, then pull the chicken off to chop it if you choose to make the quesadillas with the chicken.
    • For the quesadillas: I spray the tortillas, chop the grilled veggies, + the chicken, then place it all in between 2 tortillas with 1/8 cup of shredded cheese. I grill covered in tin foil until the cheese is melted. Roughly 1-2 minutes.
  • I place tin foil or paper towels atop finished dishes + if there is a longer than 10-minute wait for the meal to be finalized, I put them in the oven (not on) to keep them warm.

(watch the video for more on the approach to grilling)

I also am very big into décor when it comes to a theme party like this! So, I brought it to the table, literally. First step in decorations? Use the food! Cut a pineapple in half and use it as a salsa bowl. Standing them up on the table as centerpieces is also a cute idea. I bought extra jalapenos to plate aside the guac too as a plate decoration. Serve your guests the simplest apps like this with chips and/or raw veggies.

A quick trip to provided me with the rest.

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