LWA x Weber Grills Cooking Series: Memorial Day American Classics

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Don’t we all love the classics? They never get old, especially for holidays that are absolutely 100% American like Memorial Day. This is corn on the cob, potato salad, burgers, + some straight forward coleslaw that will adorn your table with the best of the best in grilling from Weber Grills.

I used both of my grills for this so I could cook everything at once; keeping the veggies separate from the meat. So, burgers went on my Weber Q 1200 gas grill Series, while the corn, potatoes, Romaine, + onion went on the Spirit II.

Just because this is what I make, check out the Weber Grills app or purchase their Ultimate Grilling Cookbook for SO many tasty + fun-to-grill recipes.

My number one tip for grilling + entertaining Memorial Day weekend is to have things chopped and prepped before guests come over (and ya’ll begin to imbibe.) And, to remember grilling safety is of the utmost importance. These grills get HOT and with a lot of people around to, make sure you have a dedicated space around your grill for you to maneuver safely + efficiently.

Do you ask how people want their burgers cooked? As in, temperature? First things first, if you are new to grilling, buying pre-packed patties will take some work away from you and they will be the same thickness. Human error when we put our patties together can lead to uneven cooking and more guesswork. A typical ¾-inch ground beef patty would be an 8-10-minute cook time over direct medium-high heat for a medium finished temp (lightly pink + 140-degree internal temp.)

To ensure guests get the temperature they want without hassle on your end, you may want to buy + use the iGrill.  The inserted meat thermometers will monitor your cooking adventure and by checking the app, you can avoid lifting the grill too often and get the desired temps you would like with little to no worrying!

I start with the veggies + use the grill rack to keep them warm while I prep the meat!

Check out my dedicated Weber Pinterest board for these and more Memorial Day themed grilling recipes!

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