LWA x Weber Grills Cooking Series: Sweet Treats

LWA x Weber Grills Cooking Series: Sweet Treats

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You’ve cleaned, used, + cleaned your Weber Grill again – so why not grill dessert?!? It’s time to #GrillBrilliantly

QUICK LWA FACT:Grilling seasonal produce + some sweet bread products is one of my favorite quick-to-grill sweet treats to serve at the end of a BBQ’d meal. I hit up my Spirit II Weber Grill and got to cooking up some for my guests after our burger-filled dinner.

I featured the following as my go-to grilling desserts:

  • Plantains – grill + serve alone or with a vanilla ice cream
  • Pineapple – I personally serve these with toothpicks alone! However, I have served a fruit-based fudge to dip it in before that was a HIT!
  • Grapefruit – this is great halved + cut up, then served with a spoon or with a bit of cinnamon on top
  • Cinnamon Brioche Bread – amazing alone, with grilled apples on top, or with some cinnamon ice cream!
  • Blueberry Muffins – these or peach muffins I serve with crème fraiche + extra berries/peach slices on top!

FRUITS:Since sugars cook quickly, I generally rest my lightly oiled fruits on foil and cook at a lower temp, longer or I put them right to the grate, but cook shorter times. With the pineapple + plantains- I am looking for them to soften with heat, which brings the sugars to the forefront as well. The grapefruit is already water-packed and doesn’t soften per se, but it sears well when cooked halved + facedown. The sugar content is high, so watch for quick caramelization.

SWEET BREADS:The breads depend on their density and sugar content. The brioche is airy and lightweight, so it cooks very quickly. I keep that on foil or a pan that is greased instead of greasing bread directly. Remember, not to oil the grates directly. Muffins are a bit more dense, but can also depends on the thickness of thee cut you are using. I used smaller muffins and halved them for a flat surface to grill.

TIP FOR OILS WHEN GRILLING SWEETS:neutral-flavored oils are best for fruits- avocado and canola are good for the grill.

Weber tip:

  • Produce in season locally have big advantages over whatever has been shipped from across the world. They are riper, so they taste better. That means you can grill them simply with great results.
  • Cutting fruit at the same density is key to even grilling; 1/2-inch thickness is ideal for most. I.E. Pineapple, plantains.
  • Quick safety reminder: use the right utensils. Long-handled tools and long insulated barbecue mitts protect you from the heat. Use forks only to lift fully cooked foods from the grill and tongs or turners to turn them. Why? Because forks pierce food and flavorful juices are lost).

Get to grilling these- remember, nothing is TOO creative for the grill!


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