LWA x WEBER GRILLS: Foil-Wrapped Fish

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A healthy, one-stop shop cooking on the grill can be accomplished with fish + veggies. If you missed it,  subscribe to my YouTube channel and access the full playlist of grilling tutorial videos!

Snag some tinfoil + a filet of fish -the type is your choosing. It’s as easy as that, but some people are a bit hesitant when it comes to cooking fish, much less grilling it, because of how delicate it can be. Want to know the best part about it? It is actually easier to grill in my opinion than any other way of preparation.

Why? Well, as Weber instructs in their SUPER helpful, free app, you should always avoid turning food over more than once. Lifting the grill not only lowers the heat every time, but flipping does disrupt the cooking process and may cause your food to fall apart. The best part of cooking in foil? You don’t have to flip at all!

Of course, you can grill fish on direct heat. The temperature is indicative of the thickness and type of fish you plan to prepare. That’s another amazing aspect of the app- it lists out the grilling temps for several types of fish.

I love to grill fish with a neutral oil and save sauces for later. This grilling session, I grilled salmon, mahi-mahi, + cod. The cod is rubbed with my homemade taco seasoning so I can make fish tacos with it. The salmon has a BBQ sauce on it – I love to make grilled salmon sandwiches. And the Mahi-Mahi is topped with a fresh pineapple salsa + I serve it with grilled veggies.

This is 3 meals in under 20 minutes folks- how amazing is that? And, you get outdoors and can enjoy this quickly approaching Summer sun.

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XOXO- tune in next week when I demo some Shellfish grilling techniques!

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