Each week we feature 2 new designer salads along with the 3 always available classic, staple salads. Each salad has an ingredient list, allergen information, + a nutrition facts per serving.

Dietary restrictions or food allergies/intolerances? Following a vegetarian | vegan, keto, paleo, or Whole30 regimen? Our nutritionist, Ashley, will adjust your salads per your request.


Your entree salads are based around and prepared with nutrient-dense, locally grown, organic crisp greens paired other colorful produce.

Dressings are creative, homemade and made from scratch.

Made into complete, filling entrees with delicious + lean proteins like: free range chicken, wild caught salmon, grass fed steak, sustainable ahi tuna and jumbo shrimp.

Join as a member for $45/year and receive FREE delivery, the reusable FSC cooler carrier, + access to our in-house nutritionist for healthy living guidance, education on the health of your salads, + meal planning in addition to your FSC meals to fortify your health when not dining on our deliveries!