Living with Ashley Community Membership

$19.99 / month and a $249.00 sign-up fee


Your one-time fee gets you the LWA Complete Guide to Healthy Living. This is an e-book filled with educational materials to build a foundation in healthy living based around my 12 years of experience in the industry. It is a great base to start to get healthier that is then supported by the Community that will provide you with ongoing content, direct access to me, interactive coaching, daily accountability, and more.


  • Healthy Eating Recipes
    • Every recipe has meal prep hacks, grocery shopping tips, health and nutritional information, links to products and brands, and more
  • Eating Out Guide with “The Perfect Plate,” visual cues for portion control guidelines, + recommendations by cuisine
  • A walk-through on how to purge your pantry and rebuild it in a healthy, organized way
  • Mastering Meal Prep: learn the 4 P’s from Ashley’s kitchen: plan, purchase, prep, + portion so you can begin to create your own weekly meal prep menus
  • Overall Healthy Living Education:
    • How to Hydrate: what you need, when + why- you’ll be surprised!
    • Best Fitness Practices with workout examples
    • Healthy Sleep Practices: to encourage a deep sleep that enables your body to recover + recharge
    • At-Home Wellness Exercises
    • And More…


Not only will you have access to me, but you will be given access to exclusive content like ongoing nutrition education, detailed meal prep menus + recipes, grocery store hacks, meal prep tips, weekly group coaching via video meetings, wellness practices, as well as accountability and motivation via various channels like SMS texting, a private Instagram account, newsletters, and more.

This is meant to provide you with a nutritionist, trainer, wellness expert, + certified chef, and a supportive, positive community at your fingertips for just $19.99/month.