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This free app from Weber is incredible as a grilling resource for anyone looking to learn more and cook different things on the the grill this season. With other 100 recipes with specific cooking tips and tricks, you will have a grilling expert at your side at all times.
Need videos on top of the ones I have created? There are recipe video tutorials galore that take you through the process hands-on. Even better? There are grill timers you can set on the app itself so your phone will go off when you need to flip or remove your food!
I love the guide too. Grilling methods- charcoal or gas- are available to read through. As well as grill guides base don the cuts, thickness, and grilling times. Take out the guesswork and learn for the future with this quick + easy app.
I have used it so often that I have also noticed accessories that would make my grilling easier and I can buy them all right there too. One-stop-shop in an i0s app has made my experience with Weber even better!
Head to the App Store to download it now!

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