Weekly Meal Prep Menu Example

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(also included on the menu + with the recipes)

1st Day of Meal Prep:

  • Bulk cooking proteins will work well this week if you do the pork dishes, chicken tenders, + Bolognese all together.
    • Then, wait + pick up the chicken thighs and protein-of-choice for the Pad Thai for midweek prep.
  • Prep the overnight oats.
  • Prepare the Pad Thai sauce + the pork bowl sauce.
  • Chop all veggies (except for any avocado, onions/garlic, or tomatoes) + be sure to store them in airtight containers.

Cook the Day-Of | During Mid-Week Meal Prep:

  • Wait to prep the asparagus that goes with the BBQ pork tenderloin and the broccoli that goes with tarragon chicken tenders until meal-time
  • Mid-Week meal prep: cook the veggies for the breakfast hash + divide into 3 servings.
  • Cook the entire chicken thigh dish fresh
  • Cook the eggs at meal-time for the breakfast hash

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