Your Waistline’s Survival Guide to Holiday Parties

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First things first, let’s reflect for a moment on holiday parties of the past….the standard food choices both passed + plated, the over-imbibing on sugary cocktails, the bloat that ensues with each sip, each bite…think back people + remember that unnecessary over-indulgence that just pisses you off the next day. No, you didn’t need that 4th baked brie bite or that 5th eggnog martini. Heck, had you been more mindful, you would have known you didn’t even want it…you just- did it.

Now, focus on the season ahead. A chance to not have to loosen your belt buckle or wear a baggier sweater until you commit to shedding the added LBS (or even just bloat) AND guilt from the season come January…I’ve got your back in a way where you can still have fun, but be smart.


  1. DON’T GO HUNGRY: Eat within an hour before you go: raw veggies + sipping on water will fill you up because they’re good tummy fillers. Going to a party hungry or trying to “save up” calories by skipping meals beforehand will lead to even more over-eating.
  2. LIMIT YOURSELF PHYSICALLY: wear a tighter outfit or belt that restricts you physically enough to discourage over-eating. Seriously, no one wants to unzip or unbutton for their belly at a party J
  3. USE GEOGRAPHY: place yourself away from the food if you can. Out of sight, more out of mind.
  4. FOCUS: when it comes to finger foods, it is so easy to lose track of how much and what we are eating…mindlessly grabbing something + eating it in one bite. Pay attention to what it is: skip the fried/flour-based foods+ those with heavy dairy or sauces. Awareness tip: try to count the times you reach for something.
  5. 1:1 FOR ALCOHOL + WATER: for every alcoholic beverage, sip on a room temp water. When choosing a drink, a plain hard liquor cocktail with low sugar + sodium mixers is ideal.
  6. BURN BABY: kick up the fat-burning interval cardio before and after the event. 25-30 minutes of sweating can help your metabolism.
  7. BYOF: as in bring your own food; to a party as a party favor and something healthier you can munch on.
  8. BE A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: Talk more! You’re busy being a social butterfly, you won’t have as much time to down a drink or chew more food!
  9. GRAB A DISH: use a plate. Finger food is dangerous as you wind up subconsciously eating and not knowing how much you’ve taken in without using a plate. You need a visual.
  10. SKIP SALTY SNACK FOOD: skip the bowls of food strewn about at a lot of parties. Nuts, seeds, pretzels…it’s all salt. No need to bloat up with bar snack foods!
  11. TIME YOURSELF: give yourself an eating “window” – a set time where you allow yourself to nosh, but a finite time to stop. Also, cut yourself off of alcohol an hour or so before you leave so it doesn’t leave room for “after-party” food binges.
  12. DON’T FORGET: don’t forget how going “hard” at a party makes you feel. Wait for the count of 3 before making decisions. Use your mind to note that these decisions affect your tomorrow.


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